Established in 1984, Jungshin Electronics co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of controller for home appliances. All employees of Jungshin Electronics have united to strive to be ahead of others under the corporate philosophy of ‘Customer Satisfaction and Customer Impression’ for about 31yesrs.

 Under unfavorable environment, Jungshin Electronics adopted the survival strategy of enhancing competitive edge through high quality and 100PPM Quality Certification in December 1997.

 We have won official commendation from the Minister of Industry and Energy in the quality globalization promotion contest for its merit of service.

 In 2014, Jungshin Electronics has accomplished the sales of 32 million dollars with its 140 employees.

 Now, we supply our products to home shopping companies, online shopping malls, discount marts and construction companies.

 We try to develop and invent new products to meet customers satisfaction constantly